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Gujarat model for madrasas

Modi and Madrasa… Sounds odd? The one an anathema to the other? That’s what the Congress, RJD, SP, BSP and other divisive parties like the TMC besides self-appointed messiahs of the Indian Muslim community would like us to believe.

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Feminism in the classroom

With the judgments on triple talaq and right to privacy and the verdict in the Gurmeet Ram Rahim case, the past few days have reinvigorated the conversation on women’s safety and gender equality. These cases have shone the light on some of the social structures and practices that work to threaten constitutionally enshrined principles of equality and justice.

Rape in marriage: Still a violation of consent and therefore rape

The Union government recently told the court that marital rape should not be criminalised, because what an “individual wife” considers rape may not appear the same to others, and because this would destabilise families and be used to “harass husbands”.

Cults will remain as long as there’s political patronage, superstitious Indians

An abiding news picture of the 1980s was that of the then Lok Sabha speaker Balram Jakhar getting literally kicked on his head by a sparsely-clothed emaciated man sitting on a machan. The look of pure bliss on the face of the recipient of the kick was difficult to miss for this apparently symbolised the blessings of the machan-man.

Lessons in triple talaq ruling

In a landmark 3-2 judgment last week, Indian Supreme Court had ruled unconstitutional ‘triple talaq’ — the practice that allows Muslim men to divorce their wives instantly.

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