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A tree that can be a source of both power and fodder

Subabul (Leucaena leucocephala) is a fast-growing tree species. It provides a medium density wood (because of its fast growth); excellent high protein fodder from its leaves and fixes nitrogen in the roots which helps the soil.

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San Francisco summit to catalyse climate commitments

This week, the Global Climate Action Summit will see 4,000 plus business leaders, investors, citizens and government representatives, including from India and China, descend on San Francisco for three days from September 12 to "take ambition to the next level" and catalyze the world's presidents and prime Ministers to go further and faster to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

Countries under-estimating climate-smart growth benefits: Global Commission

A report released by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate on Wednesday found that the countries are significantly under-estimating the benefits of a cleaner, climate-smart growth.

Kerala floods: Lessons to learn, examples to follow

Indiscriminate logging in Kerala has reduced the forest cover between 1920 and 1990 by 40 per cent according to the report of Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel. Nearly one million hectares of the forest land has been lost between 1973 and 2016 as per an Indian Institute of Science report. This has reduced the soil's capacity to hold the mudslides, writes Rajendra Shende for South Asia Monitor

India, World Bank ink loan agreement on energy efficiency

India on Tuesday signed a $220-million loan agreement with the World Bank to scale up energy saving steps in residential and public sectors.

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