54 killed in Afghanistan clashes

At least 10 Afghan soldiers and 44 Taliban militants have been killed after clashes broke out in four districts of the country's Ghazni province overnight, an Army official said on Wednesday.

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Pakistan’s continued concerns over relations between Afghanistan & India

After increasing tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan, a delegation from Pakistan parliament is once again in Kabul to improve bilateral relations between the two countries. The delegation has met Afghan government officials and members of Afghanistan national assembly. The visit of the Pakistani delegation is aimed at efforts towards maintaining security and peace, improvement of relations between the two countries, increasing of cooperation in counter terrorism and expansion of economic relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Quagmire of Poverty

Poverty is one of the meanest menaces in human society. It is responsible for myriads of social evils and disturbances. It is a quagmire that not only grasps the society from its legs but also clasps an individual from his throat.

Afghanistan the Third Deadliest Country for Journalists

Journalists are one of the most important members of the society as they perform the vital responsibility of providing timely and useful information and, in certain cases, the true face of truth to the people.

Principle of change & reform for good governance

Since its inauguration, economic revival, countering corruption and reform have been high on the agenda of the National Unity Government (NUG). Yet, the growing insurgency and insecurity pose major challenges in enacting socio-economic reforms, as president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had time and again said the government’s first year was one of the “survival”, and the second as one of “defense”, during which it faced an uphill battle against the insurgency following the December 2014 international military drawdown.

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India-China civil-society dialogue on climate change, sustainable development

China has initiated early actions on the Wuhan summit between Indian PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping that stressed the need for people-to-people dialogue for the development of not only India and China but the whole world.


India’s growth story is treading on thin ice

By all estimates, the Indian economy has entered a phase of recovery. After a period of subdued growth that was marred by a spate of disruptions, India has regained the fastest-growing major eco...