271 mn people moved out of poverty in India: UNDP

India has made momentous progress in reducing multidimensional poverty with its incidence almost halving between 2005-6 and 2015-16, climbing down to 27.5 per cent from 54.7 per cent, according to estimates from the 2018 global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI).

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Beyond religion: Muslim credit society changes lives of marginalised people, mostly Hindus

Kamla Devi, Pankaj Kumar, Geeta Devi and Sanjay Singh, all Hindus, share one thing in common. Their lives have been transformed through "interest-free" loans provided by a Muslim cooperative credit society in Bihar. They are four of nearly 9,000 Hindus -- mostly vendors, small traders, road side shopkeepers, marginal farmers and women -- who got rid of exploitative moneylenders, all thanks to interest-free loans by the Patna-based Al-Khair Cooperative Credit Society Ltd.

India's military aims not guided by desire for territorial expansion: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said India's military aims and preparedness were driven not by a desire to conquer anyone's territory but to protect its own people.

Can't force its forces to buy weapons 'Made in India': Sitharaman

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Wednesday said the government cannot walk a "thin line" to compel Indian armed forces to buy indigenous weapons, after she opened a major defence trade fair that projects India - world's biggest global arms importer - as one of the major military equipment manufacturing hubs.

Will opposition join hands to defeat the BJP?

It was a wake-up call for the ruling BJP and a beckoning opportunity for opposition parties to check the seeming invincibility of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his principal strategist BJP president Amit Shah - backed by a formidable election machinery and deep pockets - provided they pool resources and form a joint front.

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For creating an ecologically-friendly environment in Pakistan

  Unchecked urbanisation, overpopulation, tap water mixed with sewage water, raw industrial domestic effluents going straight into River Ravi without any cleansing process. Depleting ground water without adequate recharge of ground aquifers.


Maldives inks water deal with UAE company

The Maldives Environment Ministry has inked a US$8.6 million (Maldivian Rufiyaa MVR133 million) contract with the UAE-based Water Engineering Services FZE to establish drinking water facilities ...