India gives NRs 180mn for river training in Nepal

India has provided the largest sum for river training in Nepal in a bid to control floods that also affect India during the monsoon season

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Lost without recourse

More than two years since the implementation of the ‘free visa, free ticket’ policy for out-migrant workers by the government, this scheme has been largely ignored by recruiting agencies. And the government is not doing enough to enforce it. Potential out-migrant workers continue to suffer from a lack of information and fall into numerous illegal traps.

The missing millions

With the historical elections over, Nepal now has a complete set of newly elected representatives from the local to the federal levels. The key to elections and democracy is participation and representation of all social groups. However, like all other systems, democracy has its inherent hurdles.

After a year of elections, Nepal moves closer to China

It has been a year of elections in Nepal. On January 31, then Foreign Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat promised to a clutch of Kathmandu-based envoys that the country would hold all three levels of elections - local, provincial and parliamentary - within the year.

Investing in inclusion

Inclusion is a term that has been accorded much importance over the past couple of years. It was in order to promote inclusion and address underrepresentation of women and other marginalised groups that a mixed model electoral system with First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) and Proportional Representation (PR) elections were introduced in 2008. But emergent electoral trends show a strong pushback on the agenda of inclusion.

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India-China civil-society dialogue on climate change, sustainable development

China has initiated early actions on the Wuhan summit between Indian PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping that stressed the need for people-to-people dialogue for the development of not only India and China but the whole world.


India’s growth story is treading on thin ice

By all estimates, the Indian economy has entered a phase of recovery. After a period of subdued growth that was marred by a spate of disruptions, India has regained the fastest-growing major eco...