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Traffic remains one of the worst problems that Dhaka continues to suffer from. While the government has taken numerous measures to try and ease Dhaka’s horrendous traffic situation, such as the MRT and BRT, concurrently we also need to work towards making traffic more organised.

ED: Let’s make Afghanistan greater

There would be no disagreement to say that the ongoing conflict is not only killing thousands among our compatriots, but will ruin several generations to come. Pretty sure that the people around the globe will agree on this, while putting glance at war-hit countries and their uncertain situation.

The persistent insecurity

The security situation in Afghanistan does not seem to be getting any better. The insurgents, even during the cold weather wherein mostly the situation gets better, have not decreased their activities. There are attacks every now and then in different parts of the country that show that the response to the aggressive US policy has been aggressive as well.

Rampant class disparities

The so-called development in Afghan society since the downfall of Taliban has not been even. There are different problems that suggest that development has not taken place in the real sense. Some of the most important factors that define development in the modern sense are non-existent in Afghan society.

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