Hasina’s return is a positive development for India's security

Bilateral engagement between Bangladesh and India has vastly expanded in recent years. At the top leadership level, there have been 10 meetings between Modi and Hasina, six video conferences and five telephonic calls in the almost five years, writes Rupak Bhattacharjee for South Asia Monitor

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The rise of Barelvi militancy in Pakistan - with army's tacit support

With the Pakistan Army’s tacit, unimpeded support to the radical Barelvi outfit as a counterpoise to the Sunni-Deobandi’s political, social, cultural, ideological, and militant influence, the TLP contested the recent general elections in July 2018, writes Divya Anand for South Asia Monitor.

The Chinese shadow on Australia-India ties

A change in government next May will bring subtle changes in approach - but these changes will not fundamentally impact the Australia-India relationship, writes Andrew Hunter for South Asia Monitor.    

Turbulence in Sri Lanka: Are leaders playing the proxy India-China game?

Sri Lankan politics has been polarized by one faction led by Rajapaksa seeking China’s support and another now perceived to be represented by the Wickremesinghe cluster, wanting to maintain traditional relations with India, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor.

New alliance in Sri Lanka: Will it be a different Rajpaksa this time?

India might have an advantage with the Sirisena-Rajapaksa government to implement stronger foreign relations with the neighboring island country, write Srimal Fernando and Megha Gupta for South Asia Monitor.

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Air pollution battle in India needs a sense of urgency

If India takes the top place in GDP growth globally, why we have such lower targets in meeting air quality over five years, particularly considering the fact that it is the 65 percent of India’s young population would be the main victims of the worsening air quality, writes Rajendra Shende for South Asia Monitor . 


Bangladesh, ADB sign deal for rural road network

 The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Bangladeshi government have signed an agreement for $200 million in loans to improve the rural road network in Bangladesh.