India, Sri Lanka must resolve fishery dispute bilaterally

Multiple issues have compounded to bring tensions to near crisis point, with serious ramifications for domestic and bilateral relations. These include ongoing disagreement over territorial rights to the island of Kachchatheevu, frequent poaching by Indian fisherman in Sri Lankan waters, and the damaging economic and environmental effects of trawling, write Punsara Amarasinghe and Eshan Jayawardena for South Asia Monitor

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Bangladesh faces major food-security challenges

Bangladesh faces the most severe food crisis due to climatic changes as well as anthropogenic causes, writes Minhazur Rahman Rezvi for South Asia Monitor

The path-breaking International Solar Alliance: Modi-Macron sunshine moment:

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of the world's fastest growing economy, and Emmanuel Macron, President of the world's most aggressive climate change saviour, have a rendezvous starting from March 9 in New Delhi.

India's backyard dilemma: Can it afford to let Maldives slip away?

An urgent and unambiguous response from New Delhi is warranted. It knows that if the Maldives is lost, a domino effect would follow. There is, of course, every danger that whatever action New Delhi adopts would draw the Maldives even closer to China, writes Amit Dasgupta for South Asia Monitor

Bacha Posh: Gender freedom or imposed misogyny in Afghanistan?

Although cross-dressing is something which people in most societies are not comfortable with, in Afghanistan it is one form of victimizing women. For Afghan women, freedom has a very simple meaning: To avoid unwanted marriage and to be able to leave the house, writes Zarifa Sabet for South Asia Monitor

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India-China civil-society dialogue on climate change, sustainable development

China has initiated early actions on the Wuhan summit between Indian PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping that stressed the need for people-to-people dialogue for the development of not only India and China but the whole world.


India’s growth story is treading on thin ice

By all estimates, the Indian economy has entered a phase of recovery. After a period of subdued growth that was marred by a spate of disruptions, India has regained the fastest-growing major eco...