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India-Australia ties: Time to change the vocabulary

As Indian President Ram Nath Kovind makes a state visit to Australia November 21, it should be remembered that no relationship can be crafted if it does not matter in their own right. Till Canberra recognizes this, we would remain trapped in the cauldron that the 3Cs (cricket-curry-Commonwealth) represent, writes Amb Amit Dasgupta (retd.) for South Asia Monitor

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In his anti-corruption war, Modi has the pulse of the people

With just 30 months left before the next general elections, it has become a compulsive need for Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only to fight against corruption but also appear to be doing so, writes N.S. Venkataraman for South Asia Monitor.

IS-Khorasan inAfghanistan: The new menace on the extremist block

The challenges posed by IS-Khorasan are being dealt with in a piecemeal and fragmented manner. It will be interesting to see if a new alliance will emerge to deal with the factors that have plagued Afghanistan, writes Chayanika Saxena for South Asia Monitor.

China- Nepal relations: The new normal may be troubling for India

There is no denying the fact that the current development of new normal in China-Nepal relations is troubling for India as Nepal’s dependence on India will reduce and thus its obligations towards India resulting in the loss of Indian influence in Nepal, writes Anuradha Rai for South Asia Monitor.

A decade later: Nepal stitches ‘Peace’ on a torn ‘Democracy’

 In ten years, Nepal has seen three constitutions, two political interregnums and a protracted ethnic conundrum between the peoples of the Hill and Terai.The promised devolution of power stands unfulfilled writes Sourina Bej for South Asia Monitor.

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Cyclonic storm Gaja batters South India

A severe cyclonic storm, Gaja, battered the coast of the southern Indian state Tamil Nadu on Friday, leaving at least 15 people dead and causing widespread destruction.


Japan seeks to boost connectivity with India's Northeast

Japanese Ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu has said his country is serious about boosting connectivity in India's north-eastern states by building roads and bridges.