Pakistan School Carnage

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A tough predicment

Out of the many chilling accounts that have emerged after the Peshawar horror, there is one tiny detail that demands further inspection. 

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The entrepreneurs of violence

Understanding the TTP attack in Peshawar would involve looking at the group’s structure, the role of ideology and the impact of Pakistan’s counter-insurgency operations

A good Taliban is a dead Taliban

Watching BBC after the Peshawar carnage on December 16 would have made any human being sick and angry. The Frankenstein that USA and Pakistan's ISI jointly created at the height of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban (madrassa students), massacred 145 people in an Army School in Peshawar, of which 132 were students aged between 7 and 15.

We are to blame

Last Tuesday’s carnage by the Taliban in Peshawar has left the nation in grief and shock. Such was the enormity of the crime — more than 130 young lives snuffed out brutally — that the emotions it stirred have yet to subside.

Outsourcing policy

Beneath the rare show of unity over the Peshawar school tragedy the divide is more than apparent. While seemingly united in grief over the ghastly massacre, there is still no clear national narrative about how to deal with those responsible for this heinous crime.

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