Pathankot fallout for Peace Talks

Pathankot attack: A ray of hope in Pakistan's response

The view among the strategic community in India is divided over the sincerity of Pakistan and its responses in approaching the cases to try those who have been involved in attacking the Indian soil from time to time. However, the recent happenings in Pakistan as a response to the Pathankot terror attack have come across as a ray of hope, writes Brig, Anil Gupta (Retd.) for South Asia Monitor.

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Talk or Not to Talk

Talk we must, but for any dialogue with Pakistan to be successful, New Delhi will have to be sensitive to Nawaz Sharif’s imperative that it be seen as a win-win outcome for both sides.

Dialogue must go on

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday surprise visit to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his informal chat at Jati Umra put back on the track the stalled process of dialogue between India and Pakistan.

Sensible diplomacy

India has responded sensibly by indicating that it has no reason to distrust Pakistan and it was willing to wait for the Nawaz government to progress on its investigation into the Pathankot airbase attack, and possibly put off rather than cancel the Foreign Secretary-level talks.

Is the threat of a nuclear war outbreak in South Asia real?

The fact is that both the Indian and Pakistani militaries realize that it would be very hard to exercise the nuclear option for the geographical proximity of its adversary to it.  Sure, the window for conventional war in nuclear backdrop remains, but that does not imply nukes would be used; at least, not until the US signals so, writes Lt. Gen Prakash Katoch (Retd.) for South Asia Monitor.

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