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Demystifying Indian Elections: A SPS-PVR Conclave

To break down the process for foreign diplomats posted in India,  the Society for Policy Studies (SPS), in association with PVR Cinemas,  held an exclusive pre-election conclave in New Delhi on April 2, 2019 to explain, interpret and analyse the upcoming elections that will be one of the most aggressively contested electoral battles in India's democratic history.

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Pakistan will drift more and more towards political violence: Security analyst

“Pakistan shows characteristics of a mafia state,” said the Zurich-based scholar and security analyst, Dr Prem Mahadevan while introducing his new book ‘Islam and Intelligence in South Asia’ at the India International Centre in New Delhi.

Trump effect will be a lasting one: Suhasini Haidar

US President Donald Trump has been rewriting the rules of domestic and international politics ever since he assumed office. In an environment of increasing uncertainty, the world over, Suhasini Haidar, Diplomatic Affairs Editor, The Hindu spoke at length about the Trump Effect and the challenges and opportunities for Asia. She was delivering the Changing Asia Lecture organized by the Society for Policy Studies in association with India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

Shift in power balance – India, US and China

Summary of discussion between former Australian PM Kevin Rudd and former Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi;  October 1, 2018  

SPS-IIC Event: Ten years after India-US nuclear deal

The signing of the India-US nuclear deal remains one of the most defining moments in India’s foreign policy. Ten years after the lifting of nuclear strictures, former Foreign Secretaries Shyam Saran and Dr S Jaishankar who played pivotal roles in negotiating the agreement analysed how it has changed India’s position in the world order.

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