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Pakistan PM hopes US-Taliban talks end Afghan suffering


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that he hoped the Islamabad-backed US-Taliban negotiations, held in the UAE, would bring an end to "almost three decades of suffering of the brave Afghan people".

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Wickremesinghe back as Prime Minister, Sri Lanka’s political crisis ends

 Ranil Wickremesinghe was sworn in again as Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister by President Maithripala Sirisena on Sunday, seven weeks after being removed from the post on October 26. 

Saudi to make biggest investment in Pakistan's history: Minister

A Pakistan Minister on Thursday said that an incoming investment package from Saudi Arabia promises to be "the biggest foreign investment in the country's history".

Nepal, China agree to boost bilateral ties

Nepal's Foreign Secretary met China's Foreign Minister here on Thursday to boost bilateral cooperation and discuss issues of mutual interest, officials said.  

Sri Lankan Parliament sacking illegal: Supreme Court

The Sri Lankan Supreme Court on Thursday ruled as "unconstitutional" President Maithripala Sirisena's decision to dissolve Parliament and conduct a snap parliamentary election in early January

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Fighting the climate change apocalypse: West should practise what it preaches

The Pew study survey found that 24 percent of Indians believe that technology can solve the climate-change problem – and definitely that's the way forward as technology is bringing down the price of green energy. And China and India can make the most significant contributions as they leap-frog to greener technologies –


Indian government appoints new Chief Economic Advisor

The Indian government has appointed Krishnamurthy Subramanian as its new Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) in place of Arvind Subramanian, who left the post in July this year.