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Environmental pollution and Indo-Pak cooperation

India has refused to accept the proposal made by Punjab’s Environment minister Zakia Shahnawaz’s to collaborate under the umbrella of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) on the issue of smog that has affected lives of the citizens on both sides of the border.

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Chinese veto to UN action against Masood Azhar: Here’s how India can respond

Someone in Beijing is not thinking things through. Every time China has blocked the designation of Masood Azhar by the United Nations, it has seemed more and more like its terrorism-loving ally Pakistan.

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Finally, the incessant calls of “do more” have yielded some substance – we are getting a piecemeal picture of what it might entail. According to news reports, America has asked Pakistan to do more in its operations against militant outfits and individuals who are involved in militancy.

How India has actually done a great job in dealing with the Dragon

If recent news reports are to be believed, China is back on the Doklam plateau in a veritable redux of the 73-day standoff that began in June this year.

Why Talks Won’t Help

In December 2016, Ashley J. Tellis, a renowned South Asia scholar, delivered a frank and incisive talk with a stark title — “Are India-Pakistan Peace Talks Worth a Damn?” — at an event organised by Carnegie India. Those who missed the talk can now read his monograph: Are India-Pakistan Peace Talks Worth a Damn?

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