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Delhi’s debilitating smog is shocking but not surprising

If it weren’t for the fact that pollution levels are the worst ever every year, Delhi could have been living in a science fictional time loop for the past few years.

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What statistics don’t tell

Whenever we dwell on economic woes confronting ordinary people and the mess that has set in because of untimely or ill-conceived decisions of the finance ministry, the response we get is: India is the world’s fastest growing economy.

Error of Commission

The moment the Election Commission of India (EC) announced the dates of the Himachal Pradesh election at a press conference on Thursday, my phone started ringing. I did not pick up as I am away in London, and call roaming charges have often in the past taken away half of my monthly pension! Social media went abuzz as well, where I am fairly active.

A hike too far

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has justified the recent hike in the city’s metro fares on financial grounds. According to the agency, the increase which came into effect on Tuesday, was necessary to cover rising input costs and to keep providing “world class services to passengers”.

If safety is not to be derailed

Derailments on the tracks of Indian Railways have always been a big technical and management challenge. In recent years, there have been a spate of “derailments”.

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