Afghan Taliban for second round of talks with US

Sep 14, 2018
ISLAMABAD: The Afghan Taliban are ready for a second round of talks with the US, possibly this month, and are planning to nominate a senior leader to lead the talks. According to the Daily Times, the insurgent group has expressed interest in holding another meeting in Qatar after the first meeting which was led by Sher Abbasi Stanekzai, who heads the Doha office, on July 23.
“The leadership is appointing a new head of the Qatar office to win the trust of the military commanders as both sides will head to formal negotiations and later enter a decisive phase,” a Taliban leader told Daily Times in a WhatsApp call from an undisclosed location.
A member of the Haqqani Network will also be included in the Qatar team, he said.
There is also a possibility the Taliban leaders, who were freed from Guantanamo Bay, in an exchange for American soldier Sgt Bergdahl in March 2015, could get roles in the negotiations. The five freed Taliban men have been living in Qatar since their release.
A Taliban source said the US has floated the idea of a peace deal like the agreement in Bonn, Germany, in December 2001 that had paved the way for the establishment of an interim and inclusive set-up following the collapse of the Taliban regime.

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