Afghans anxiety

Jul 5, 2017
Encouraging and putting weight behind the National Unity Government (NUG) to become heavy over all sort of obstacles including domestic and foreign challenges is the best hope for the Afghan masses to be optimistic about their stable future. Everyone must understand the anxieties of the Afghan masses. The current uncertainty at home have put the Afghans in deep sadness as they are not sure about their future, already attempting to leave the country to the safest place. 
The Afghan leaders should immediately take efforts for a political settlement in the country as it offer the best hope for the troubled Afghans. Making coalition by some groups is not the solution to the current dilemma. National coalition under framework of the NUG is already exists here—just it needs to be further pushed and supported. Everyone is included in the NUG. Vowing this, there is no space to form a collation or stand against the government. 
There is an instant need to change in their attitude of those individuals who are already in the government but still lingering on in making collation. You can always trust some to read too much into everything: for many, it was a camouflaged attempt by the some big wings within the government to form something separate from the government to bring reform in the system, while they are in the system, having full hands in bringing improvements. 
The Chief Executive Officer, Abdullah Abdullah asked the political leaders to consider the national interest of the country above all, apparently gesturing towards the formation of the new political alliance. New political front established recently in Turkey. First Vice President, General Abdul Rashid Dostum, Balkh governor and Jamiat-e-Islami Chief Executive, Ata Mohammad Noor, and the Deputy Chief Executive, Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq are the leaders of the new alliance, terming it important to rescue the country from the ongoing crisis. However, for the Afghans it is very difficult to get clear image of what happening in the political landscape of the country. 
Pulling country out of the current miseries needs effort and hard work, not making collation. Dialogue is the best remedy, if there is any grey area in the government, which indeed there is—could be resolved through talks. With due respect, making collation is not right choice at the moment as it gives birth to several question and also projecting negative impact of the current situation of the country. Such move further triggers the Afghan masses into uncertainty. 
At status-quo, there is need of national mobilization to work only for the national interests in a bid to be a great slap in the face of sworn enemies of the country. We should put aside every sorts of difference, and work only for betterment of our society as we are in bad situation—anything could be happened if not gather together.
Afghanistan Times, July 5, 2017

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