Asian Fault Lines

Mar 20, 2017

Sri Lanka’s local political narrative last week revolved around the plight of the Sri Lanka crew on board the oil tanker Aries 13 and its three-day ordeal under Somali hijackers. The hijacking brought back into the limelight a debate around maritime security, piracy and the best practices of merchant ships when navigating unsafe ocean spaces. While Sri Lankan security experts were debating piracy, many missed the alarming developments in greater Asia with tensions rising between the Two Koreas and equally alarming American response to the situation.   
The United States started deploying highly-advanced missile defence systems such as the Terminal High Altitude Area defence, commonly known as THAAD in South Korea, as a response to North Korean missile tests. The Chinese were vocally against such deployments, claiming it would create further concerns in the Asian security theatre. With North Korea increasing its missile tests, there is a launching of a military satellite that Americans fear can help North Korean long-range missiles be guided to American West Coast targets. The US started deploying its armed Grey Eagle drones, an advanced version of the notorious Predator drones, to carry out surveillance across the North and South Korean border. The drones will be permanently stationed in South Korea.  

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Daily Mirror, March 20, 2017

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