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Jan 19, 2018
There is no doubt that the world is going digital in every way.
Online banking in Bangladesh has shown us how digital platforms can help take banking services to those who do not have access to conventional brick-and-mortar banking facilities.
It makes sense, then, that the next step is education.
Already, schools and universities are using digital infrastructure allowing students to view syllabuses, make changes to their schedules, share resources, and for students to submit assignments, all at the click of a button.
A good example of the kind of initiative we need is Ayman Sadiq’s 10MS ( platform — an e-learning platform that is currently helping 21,000 students across the nation.
The idea behind the site is to deliver education easily and efficiently, breaking down financial and geographic barriers.
The truth of the modern world is that more and more people are going online to learn things — YouTube tutorials are more popular than ever, and websites like Duolingo help people learn foreign languages without having to enroll in classes.
In Bangladesh, where commuting to physical classrooms can sometimes be quite difficult, these online platforms can truly make a difference.
We, as a nation, should be supporting more young, creative e-entrepreneurs like Ayman Sadiq who have what it takes to transform the face of education.
For far too long, our education sector has been in crisis — leaked question papers and textbooks riddled with errors have made many lose faith in our public schools.
Education through digital platforms will not replace conventional education any time soon, but they can certainly help bridge some of our present shortcomings.
Dhaka Tribune, January 19, 2018

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