Dialogue is not enough to counter terrorism

Jun 12, 2017
Meaningful dialogue is very much important. There is simply no alternative to conciliation through a dialogue which leads toward some results. Empty talk and promise in big official gatherings is no more worthy, and the Afghan masses will not buy it anymore. You must not use it as just another arena in which to conduct your diplomatic battles. 
There is a need of action instead of words. The Afghans have been the most victims of the ongoing war in the country, and can’t fight terrorism with mere dialogues and receiving some promises only—rather a comprehensible action is need of the hour. It is a fact that Afghan security forces are fighting against militants in behalf of the world. It is a global war in real scene. Our security forces are rendering huge sacrifices in safeguarding Afghanistan and the world from infiltration of terrorisms, thus the international community has to help us more. 
We are not turning blind eye, and we are truly appreciates international community’s assistance in all sectors, but we want more as threat of militants have been intensifying day to day. The true son of this soil (security forces) have already broken the backbone of militants—no matter it is Taliban, Islamic State (IS), aka Daesh terrorist, or other militant outfits, all of these group have lost influence to battle against security forces face-to-face, and that’s why targeting unarmed, and innocent Afghans at public places can be taken as a crystal example. 
Their brutality is not hiding from the world. The recent Kabul carnage, in which more than 700 Kabul residents were killed and wounded—is showing their latest viciousness against innocent people. To eliminate terrorism, President Ashraf Ghani while addressing the 17th conference of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Kazakhstan’s Astana city, he called for joint efforts against terrorism, saying that those countries which differentiate between good and bad terrorist will pay the price for it. Afghanistan participated as an observer state of the organization at the Summit, but the country’s security was one of the key issues discussed at the conference. Undoubtedly, Afghanistan is one the frontline of the war against terrorism, and wants honest cooperation of regional cooperation in eliminating terrorist. 
Sans honest approach, the dream of free of terrorists Afghanistan, regional countries, and the globe would remain a dream. It would not see light of the day if sincere cooperation at regional level not made. Indeed, organization could play a very significant role in bringing peace in Afghanistan. All sort of issue, such as terrorists financing, their recruitment process, their hideouts, providing weapons, and etc… would not be removed, unless all the country furnish a joint hands and work collectively against it.
Afghanistan Times, June 12, 2017

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