Dialogue is only remedy for peace

Apr 18, 2017
Russia is making fresh inroads into Afghanistan through efforts to bring the Taliban insurgents to the table of negotiation with the Afghan government. This move of Moscow widely welcomed in the country with a hope to end the longest war. In fact, civilians have been the worst victim of this irrational war. 
There is no more room left for the Afghans to bear the brunt of casualties. This conflict has to be ended through any ways and means, and also including different political approaches. 
At the same time Taliban insurgents must realize that they cannot reach their objectives by waging war and violence and it has been proven in several fronts. It is a great opportunity for Taliban insurgents to shun violence and accept the call for peace talks.
The third round of consultations on the Afghan issues was attended by representative of Russia, Afghanistan, China, India, Iran Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. 
The meeting was hosted by Moscow in which Russia offered to host peace talks between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban. However, the United States was also invited to take part in the consultations, but it refused. US termed these talks unclear toward which purposes it is, but according to Russian Foreign Ministry, ways and means to coordinate regional efforts for facilitating the process of national reconciliation in Afghanistan and bringing peace there topped the agenda.
 It is very much known that military is not solution to the Afghan conflict. The only way is to ensure a national reconciliation using political methods. Afghanistan has been burning in war for more three decades, if military was solution, so Afghanistan could have been safest place in the world. It is dialogue which root out difference and could lead toward tangible results. For sure Taliban is the biggest enemy of our country.
 The group even doesn’t show mercy to the children and women. Last year civilian casualties were very much high due ongoing conflict ignited by the Taliban insurgents. Not only human losses, but the Taliban insurgents incurred huge financial losses as well. 
Moreover, the group is dancing at the tones of their masters setting outside the country. They don’t have independence. They carry the orders of their lords. But still the Afghan government believes in peace talks, and the door of peace would also be open for them. It is worth mentioning that Taliban insurgents lost influence to fight brave Afghan security forces face-to-face in battlefield.
 Security forces proved metal not only against Taliban but all form of insurgents. Security forces chasing militants in every mountains and valleys across the country. Still there is time for Taliban and other militant outfits to renounce violence and reintegrate into civil society and live a life with dignity. 
Taliban should accept Russia offer for peace talks with the government, otherwise, the Afghan security forces would target them in every nook and cranny of the country.
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Afghanistan Times, April 18, 2017

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