Don’t fritter away

Aug 2, 2017
The US administration has to be careful about every single decision regarding America’s longest war, however, with no eye-caching result in Afghanistan. When there is expectation of new strategy to be chalked out on Afghanistan, American’s presence is important in the war hit country. In a bid not to fritter away the achievements made in the past 16 years, it is important the international community, particularly the US must remain engaged in Afghanistan. 
We, despite both military and civilian masses, we also appreciate the sacrifices made by the US to preserve peace and stability and also to support the Afghan government in practicing the nascent democracy. As US President Donald Trump has not announced its policy in more than six months, now Senator John McCain come up to the fore and said he would provide his own strategy for Afghanistan next month. “More than six months after President Trump’s inauguration, there still is no strategy for success in Afghanistan. Eight years of ‘don’t lose’ strategy have cost us lives and treasure in Afghanistan. Our troops deserve better,” McCain said. 
Afghan government and the people are too willing to have a clear strategy, immediately wants a full end to the war. McCain new proposal comes after US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis drew up plans to send roughly 4,000 additional trainers. Afghanistan strategy is in limbo as two officials are working on with no coordination at all. However, Trump for his part is reluctant to approve another surge, as he recently showed dissatisfaction with the military options that he’s exploring plans to extract Afghanistan’s mineral resources as an alternative justification for remaining in the country. Extraction of Afghan resources in a bid to stand Afghanistan in its foot in term of economy is a fantastic idea. If we provide job opportunities to the youth via mineral projects, insecurity would decrease. 
Joblessness youths are joining insurgent ranks, but since they get job, this problem decline drastically. Extraction of Afghanistan’s mineral resources is huge project that generates thousands of jobs, and also could lead the country ward self-sufficiency. Another thing is popping out that’s considering withdrawing of US troops altogether, something contrary to recommendations from the Pentagon. It is not officially confirmed, but some sources within US administration says that when it doesn’t work unless we are there for a long time, and we don’t have the appetite to be there a long time, we should just leave. It’s an unanswered question. 
However, every decision has to be double viewed before to pass. Abandoning Afghanistan completely is not in favor of any country. US entered Afghanistan to eliminate terrorists, but nothing happened. Now, its leave would consider as utterly failure. The If US wants fully drawdown of its forces, and continues its financial support. Then, there would be no much problem. Afghan security forces are dealing with 20 terrorist groups very sufficiently and professionally. If Trump really wants end to war, he must pressurize Pakistan, if not resulted, even can put its name in black list of United Nation Security Council for supporting and harboring militants that undermining US mission in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan Times, August 2, 2017

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