Insider attacks

May 30, 2017
Insider attacks, in which Afghan soldiers and police turn their guns on their colleagues, have been a major problem during the prolonged war in the country. It is very difficult to develop a clear picture of why insider attacks take place? One soldier turns weapon against his colleagues, killing and wounding them. It is very hard to believe such attacks. Insider attacks come as form of an assault by insurgents posing as Afghan security forces. 
The Afghan security forces are rendering huge sacrifices in the line of duty. Without them (Afghan security forces) Afghan could have fallen to the militants hand within days. But, this is heart-wrenching to see our own security forces are being killed in insider attack. It is imperative to deal with insider attack. If this trend prevails, trust-deficit would increase among Afghan security forces and none would trust to other. Everyone would be seen as suspicious.  Such kind of attack would give birth to the misstep in the minds of certain Afghan forces. Insider attack has been preferred war fighting tactic of the Taliban insurgents. 
Of course the Taliban militants have been on eyes to apply limit resources for maximum effect. One can kill six, it is a large effect. On Sunday a policeman has shot and killed six of his colleagues at a checkpoint in the southern Zabul province. Soon after the attack, the attacker handed over the outpost and weapons to the Taliban militants. It is unpleasant incident indeed. Prior to this, at least nine were killed in Kunduz and five others in Nangarhar in an insider attack. An enemy at disguise of friend killed friends. Though, the Afghan security forces retook the checkpoint within hours, but have left a huge blemish. Probe has been launched, while the attacker already fled to the Taliban. Investigation is no more worthy; instead extreme causation is need of the hour while recruiting people in the rank of security forces. 100 percent attention should be paid. 
Insider attack is not something new; in the past green-on-green was a common practice. Even green-on-blue was also very high. However, at some stage it was controlled, but now it is taking new inroads. Such type of unpleasant and shaking incidents remain another challenge for the security and intelligence forces in Afghanistan, which needs proper attention and scrutiny to put an end to insider attack. If required preventative measure did not adopt, it would results into trust-deficit among the circles of security forces, which would suffer the image of our security forces and country as well.
Afghanistan Times, May 30, 2017

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