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Italy, India celebrate 70 years of ties with culture and concert

A series of cultural exchanges, including exhibitions and musical concerts, have been planned to celebrate 70 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Italy.
Mar 30, 2018
A series of cultural exchanges, including exhibitions and musical concerts, have been planned to celebrate 70 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Italy. 
The chamber orchestra “Cameristi della Scala,” formed by musicians of the orchestra of Teatro alla Scala di Milano made their debut in India March 18, with a concert at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre. Cameristi della Scala, with Laura Marzadori as the soloist, will stage concerts in Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai to commemorate the anniversary. They will perform music by Rossini, Paganini, Sivori and Bazzini, among others. 
The chamber orchestra “Cameristi della Scala”, formed by the musicians of Milan’s famed orchestra Teatro alla Scala, was founded in 1982. The orchestra has a unique identity in which they regularly perform with and without a conductor. Its core repertoire includes masterpieces written for chamber orchestra from the 18th century to today, in addition to promoting and championing works by the lesser known Italian composers.
Andrea Baldi, Director, Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, said, “Classical music is one of the great cultural products for export that Italy has produced with plenty of masterpieces during its glorious cultural history. Music is also known to be the most transversal artistic expression among different cultures. When this is interpreted by a group so refined and universally known as the musicians of the La Scala Chamber Orchestra, chosen to represent the highlight of the celebrations of the 70 years of  diplomatic relations between Italy and India, it becomes  easy.”   
“Although the group’s musicians are part of the Scala Orchestra, they form an independent group. There is also a fundamental difference, due precisely to the fact that they are called Cameristi, means they are a group of chamber music, which is a form of classical music composed for a small group of instruments-traditionally a group that could fit in a palace chamber. Chamber music normally does not have a director, and has a limited number of instruments,” explained Baldi. 
“Our Indian tour will be an extremely exciting experience for us since it’s the first time we visit and perform in your country. We will perform the Indian National Anthem at the Italian Embassy which will be a night to celebrate the relationship between Italy and India. We have chosen some of the most famous themes from Opera (the fantasy on the themes of Traviata and Trovatore) as well as our violin virtuoso Nicolò Paganini,” said Roberto Nigro of the Cameristi.
“The programme we have chosen is a taste of three centuries of Italian musical inspiration. We hope the audiences will enjoy it and feel our pure joy of making music together,” said Nigro. 
The current 2017-18 season includes Cameristi’s first tour in India. 

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