Loya Jirga is the only way to save unity

Jun 8, 2017
Our country is experiencing disappointing days and nights especially for the past one week. When you get out of your residence and go to the downtown in Kabul, the face of the city reminds you the days of the 1992-1996 civil war; quiet, fearful and sad with almost closed markets and empty roads and sidewalks.
This came after the deadly truck bombing that shook the city and shocked once again the people last Wednesday, in which 150 people mostly civilians were martyred and more than 500 injured in the diplomatic area of Wazir Akbar Khan.
People with the aim of seeking justice walked towards the presidential palace in a peaceful demonstration that resulted tensions with security forces.
This created problems between the government and a political party that accuses the government of ethnic discriminations.
The situation will be in favor of the enemies of Afghanistan if our elites, politicians, scholars and influential figures sit spectator. Afghans need more unity at this critical time as the country’s situation is going toward an incurable crisis.
This is the responsibility of our leaders to immediately interfere and not allow the country to fall into another war.
As the history shows that the only choice that Afghans have overcome problems has been holding the traditional grand assembly called ‘Loya jirga’. This assembly is called as the only problem solver organ because the representatives of the people from across the country gather in the assembly and discuss and decide the matter of concern.
The Loya Jirga is as effective as every Afghan trusts it and no other gatherings, seminars, conferences, etc. cannot be compared to this.
The people and especially the leaders of the country need to urgently call a Loya Jirga and prevent the country’s destruction and killing of more innocent civilians. They can discuss all their problems and differences through this national assembly and let the people say what they want. People’s voice through the Loya Jirga is vital for the situation of their country and everyone has to obey the nation’s decision even whether they want the current government to step aside.
Afghanistan Times, June 8, 2017

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