Make Karachi liveable again

Aug 22, 2017
Pakistan’s largest city Karachi has been named among the least liveable cities of the world by Economist Intelligence Unit — once again. It is the commercial hub of the country. Improving living conditions in Karachi should have been among the priorities of the government, but successive governments did little to make the city a better place to live in. Political instability, ethnic differences and security situation are among the key factors responsible for affecting the lives of the citizens of the metropolis. A complete inaction on the part of the provincial government cannot be ignored either. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has been ruling the Sindh province for over 8 years, but they could not initiate significant development work.
The Sindh government needs to improve the governance and devise a plan to solve some of the major issues that the city faces. Beautification of the city and a cleanliness drive is also needed.
 Sindh is known for its pluralist and tolerant identity and the capital of the province should represent just that. It should be a welcoming city for those who want to call it home. Security situation should be improved on an urgent basis and all stakeholders of the province including law enforcement agencies need to work in close coordination so as to restore peace in the city. Street crimes are on the rise in Karachi for long. All this time, Rangers has been taking action against ‘militant wings’ of political parties without any durable improvement in law and order. The police force needs to be empowered and enabled to fight criminals involved in street crimes and robberies. Without the capacity building of police, it will remain impossible to achieve lasting peace and prosperity in the city.
Lastly, it should be ensured that funds granted to the government by international organisations are not misused. Sindh government has recently decided to introduce a World Bank-funded plan for the beautification of the city. To ensure transparency in this and other foreign funded projects, a neutral committee comprising experts from the relevant fields should be formed to oversee the development work.
Daily Times, August 22, 2017

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