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Muslim women welcome amendments to Triple Talaq Bill

The Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan welcomes the amendments suggested by the cabinet to the triple talaq bill - The Muslim Women (Protection Of Rights On Marriage) Bill, 2017.
Aug 10, 2018
The Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan welcomes the amendments suggested by the cabinet to the triple talaq bill - The Muslim Women (Protection Of Rights On Marriage) Bill, 2017. These amendments are similar to the amendments sought by us. We appreciate the efforts of the cabinet to respond to the concerns of muslim women. We are hopeful that the government and the opposition will work together to bring about this law. We had written to Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders requesting them to support the passage of the triple talaq bill after incorporating the amendments suggested by us.
Muslim women in India have been urgently seeking a law against instant triple talaq. We have witnessed several instances of triple talaq taking place despite the Supreme Court judgment declaring it illegal. Muslim women are entitled to legal protection as much as all other Indian women. We hope the amendments suggested by the cabinet will put to rest all opposition to the bill and the law will become a reality soon. We hope that the conservative patriarchal bodies such as the personal law board and their supporters will stop impeding the muslim women’s democratic demand for gender justice and gender equality.
The amendments are significant as it is important that the right to register the FIR should be given to the wife or her family members. It is also important to provide maintenance support to wife as well as the custody of children. We have always emphasized on the need for reconciliation efforts before a divorce is finalized. In this light it is important that the offence be made compoundable and the power be given to a magistrate to decide bail. We have seen in our ground work that the wife always wants to save her marriage even if there is the slightest possibility of reconciliation. This amendment enables this possibility.
Ideally, we would like the law to lay down elaborate procedure of divorce based on the talaq-e-ehsan method involving reconciliation, mediation and dialogue between the husband and wife over a minimum 90 days period. This would be somewhat similar to the 6 months cooling off period before divorce in a hindu marriage. The responsibility of carrying out this procedure is on the husband. The wife’s right to maintenance support, guardianship of children as well as right to reside in marital home must be protected during the process of divorce.
This is a welcome move from the cabinet and we thank them for this. We urge parliamentarians cutting across party lines to support smooth passage of the bill against instant triple talaq.
(Contact: Zakia Soman, M: 9913333620)

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