No way to live, no way to die

Jun 20, 2017
Every day, thousands of Bangladeshis put their lives at peril, seeking a better life elsewhere in the world. This is a worrying trend that we must address.
It is disheartening that so many people spend hours on the dangerous seas, crammed into boats, without food and water. We must ask: Why are so many of our citizens taking this path, often drowning, starving, or suffocating to death? What is worse is that many of these migrants, with promises of a better life, are lured and kidnapped for ransom. The government must crack down on these illegal migration rings.
Too often do we hear stories of boats carrying our citizens capsizing at sea, leading to the deaths of innocents. Furthermore, desperate citizens must be made aware that there are rackets such as these which they must be wary of. And, most importantly, we must investigate what is leading them to take such desperate measures. They must know that this is no way to live life and that no matter what the circumstances, the government is there to help.
The authorities must also work with other government to bring back those who find themselves in compromised situations and the bodies of those who have tragically lost their lives. This unnecessary cycle of death must stop, and it must stop now. Let us take care of our citizens, and throw the book at those who seek to take advantage of them.
Dhaka Tribune, June 20, 2017

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