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Of 69 Years- 57 Gobbled up by Politicians, their Acolytes, Cronies and Vandibattas!

Feb 6, 2017
On February 4, 2017, we commemorated the 69th anniversary of the achievement of independence from colonialists. We are yet to see the signs of a prospective developing nation towards an independent, free and a sovereign society following 443-year foreign domination. Since the time of our first King Vijaya, this resplendent country, thrice-blessed by the Buddha, has a recorded history of more than 25 centuries, and a proud tradition. D S Senanayake, the first Prime Minister of Independent Sri Lanka, unfurled the Lion flag, the symbol of an ancient civilization, marking our freedom from the clutches of Colonial rule. The leadership in the path to independence, in the form of D.S. Senanayake, F.R. Senanayake, Sir D.B. Jayatilleke, Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam, Sir Ponnamabalam Ramanathan, S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, T.B. Jayah and D.R. Wijewardene were among many others worked together successfully with great insight and grace so as to achieve freedom.   
From Bags of Chilies to Billions: Achievement of the past Six Decades
The unprecedented happening in India as analysts point out; the Congress and the BJP are having a long and tacit understanding to suppress each other’s money-making tricks and private ‘businesses’— are those ‘deals’ that our media often cries about here, is a result of emulating the Indian model by our rulers and opponents? Bribery and corruption has become the order of the day.   
Very few would remember with gratitude the great men of the calibre of U.B. Wanninayake, M.D. Banda and Forester Obeysekera, the early UNP stalwarts. Then Finance Minister Wanninayake declined to give a certificate to his own son for his interview at the Central Bank. Mr. Banda refused to use State funds to get an electricity connection to his ancestral home unless the department agreed to provide electricity to the entire village; he was seen running about in his old car until his death. Mr. Obeysekera, rejected a plea to give a testimonial to the son of his closest supporter. He said it will be against his conscience to give a certificate to a person he had not known.   
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Daily Mirror, February 6, 2017

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