Poor security management

Aug 11, 2017
The government is engaged in a bloody conflict with the armed opposition groups especially the Taliban for more than a decade and half just after the group was toppled from power in a US-led international invasion.
Since that time, our country has experienced severe casualties and destruction. Districts and even the provincial capitals have been fallen temporarily to the Taliban (Kunduz city that was captured twice by Taliban) or have been under threat (Lashkar Gah city in Helmand province).
Just recently, the districts of Taywara in Ghor province, Jani Khil in Paktia province, Kohistanat in Faryab province and the Mirza Olang valley of the Sayyad district in Sar-e-Pul province fell to Taliban militants. The government troops in a counter-attack step, recaptured the districts of Taywara and Jani Khil, but the militants stormed the latter district again on Thursday night. Officials in Taywara warn of falling the district to insurgents again, saying the Taliban fighters are preparing to attack the poor and mountainous area.
Provincial governor of Sar-e-Pul has said that he had informed the central government of the possible fall of Mirza Olang district to Taliban, asking for reinforcement, but according to him, the officials in Kabul did not take his warning serious.
People are asking questions that why the instability continues? Why are their villages, farmlands and houses exchanged to the hands of this and that?
The tragedy of Mirza Olang needs a serious investigation, the government officials particularly senior authorities have to explain to the nation why dozens of innocent women and children were slaughtered by the enemy?
There is no doubt that our brave soldiers are serving as shield in defending the homeland, but the management in the defense and security institutions is weak. The top officials who enjoy the most comfortable life behind the high concrete walls in Kabul and their families enjoy privileges in abroad, do not realize reality of the country. These people with such comfortable lives are the managers and decision makers of security affairs.
The most things the senior officials do when they come under pressure is that they resign. This is not enough and they are responsible for God and for the victims of the barbaric killings. They should be sent for trial and be punished for negligence, because they take part indirectly in the Mirza Olang genocide and other carnages in different areas as well as the routine killings of civilians.
Afghanistan Times, August 11, 2017

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