Rules of the road

Sep 29, 2017
We all want safe, orderly, and congestion-free roads, the strict enforcement of traffic rules is an important first step in this daunting challenge
Dhaka city traffic is bad enough as it is, with the number of vehicles far exceeding the capacity of our road infrastructure.
But the traffic problem becomes exponentially worse when drivers persistently break traffic laws.
And that is why we support and welcome the Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s initiative to crack down on errant drivers, which is now in full force.
The DMP’s commitment to set straight all drivers who break the rules, regardless of their or their employer’s position of power, deserves to be applauded — and now it is a matter of making sure that the message truly gets across.
As it happens, drivers employed by the wealthy and influential — VIPs — are often prone to driving on the wrong side of the road, creating massive gridlocks. Sadly, they would also usually get away with these violations that cause the commuting public so much grief on a daily basis.
The DMP is also taking to task drivers who talk on the phone while driving and drivers without a valid license, which could go a long way towards reducing road fatalities.
We all want safe, orderly, and congestion-free roads, and while that may seem like a pipe dream for Dhaka residents, the strict enforcement of traffic rules by the book is an important first step in this daunting challenge.
This should not, however, be turned into an excuse to harass ordinary, law-abiding citizens, and for that there must be necessary oversight into law enforcement activity, and accountability at all levels.
Dhaka Tribune, September 29, 2017

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