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Sabotage Of Govt Policies And Plans

Mar 11, 2017
In terms of article (2) (h) of Chapter VI under the title “Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties” of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, State is pledged to establish in Sri Lanka a Democratic Socialist Society the objective of which includes the complete eradication of illiteracy and the assurance to all persons of the right to universal and equal access to education at all levels. The educational policy of Yahapalanaya is based on above principle. 

It may be noted that State is capable of providing this service free of charge only for a limited number of students who sat successfully for their A/Levels, due to restrictions of resources and facilities available for this purpose. The State is compelled to set a cut-off point on marks to be secured at A/ Level for admission to medical faculties of State universities in order to suit the capacity available at State universities. As a result, thousands of students who have successfully completed A/Levels have been deprived of entering State universities. In that context, active participation of private sector education institutes and universities to cater to the needs of students who are so deprived of education free of charge is absolutely necessary. SAITM is one of the pioneering institutes that came forward to share the responsibility and the burden of the State on implementation of State Policy on education and to cater to the needs of students who are deprived of higher education which includes medicine as well at State run universities due to no-fault on their part. 

SAITM has been established under section 17 of BOI Law No. 4 of 1978. It is a fully fledged BOI project. It has obtained UGC approval to award MBBS Degree. It has affiliated to Russian Universities abroad where medical degrees have been recognized by the SLMC subject to the condition that they should satisfy the standard imposed by the SLMC for practising the medical profession in this country. In addition, the Minister of Health in terms of power vested with him/her in Medical Ordinance has gazette, granting approval for it to conduct the MBBS Degree course subject to standard set for same by the SLMC. SAITM has complied with standard set by the SLMC amidst a gamut of allegations levelled against it. In that process SAITM has set up its own hospital which provides facilities needed for MBBS course practicals, in addition to two State hospitals allocated on charging of fee of Rs.50,000 per student. 
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Daily Mirror, March 11, 2017

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