Security for Nawaz Sharif

Aug 9, 2017
Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is determined to mobilise his support base in Punjab’s heartland. The GT Road has remained his firm electoral base for more than two decades. Sharif views this as a response to his disqualification by the Supreme Court. By showing popular strength he will be giving a message both to the permanent institutions of the state as well as his chief rival Imran Khan.
It has been widely reported that security threats to Nawaz’s caravan on GT Road are real. These threats cannot be dismissed as we have seen many political leaders and Pakistani citizens dying at the hands of terrorists. Perhaps this is why Nawaz’s brother who also happens to be the Chief Minister of Punjab province has alerted him citing the reports and concerns by security agencies.
Shehbaz reportedly has advised that if Sharif is to use GT road to travel to Lahore, he must stay inside his vehicle and not come out too many times to engage with the crowds of supporters who’ll be making their way to greet and welcome their leader. Media reports suggest that security agencies have been urging Sharif to give up GT Road and instead use the Rawalpindi-Lahore Motorway.
Despite advice from different quarters, Nawaz Sharif intends to continue with his plans. We hope that Nawaz Sharif makes it home safe and sound. The responsibility lies not just on him to take necessary safety measures but also with the government, intelligence agencies and the entire law enforcement apparatus in the country. Agencies must monitor with extra diligence and necessary steps must be taken to provide him with adequate security.
Nawaz may have been disqualified from the office of premier but as a citizen and a political leader enjoys the constitutional right to assembly. A democratic society guards the basic fundamental rights of all its citizens. Therefore, we hope and look forward to Nawaz Sharif making it home safely with no obstruction from any side. 
Daily Pakistan, August 9, 2017

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