Serving the country with pride

May 31, 2017
All the time we are optimistic about Afghanistan’s future. Things are improving, despite the fact that after formation of the National Unity Government (NUG), security has been deteriorated. Economy situation is also going in the same scenario. But still, the Afghan masses are optimistic, and never slowed down their activities for brighter future. The Afghan masses categorically reject any such view that Afghanistan is a failed state. 
There is no denying the fact that NUG can’t physically control its territory, is unable to provide basic public services, and also can’t deal with warlords and other big wings. Government-writ is very rare in provinces. Moreover, the Taliban and other militant outfits are also making situation tough for the government. Without doubt, some regional countries are helping militants to continue their irrational war, and kill their own brothers and sisters. There are 20 terrorist groups operating in the country. Militants doing their best to target Afghan security forces, even in public places, in which civilians are being killed and wounded. 
If one start goggling would find several incidents that civilians were the worst victims. Taliban insurgents are the number one enemies of civilians, as a large number of Afghans were killed in their attacks across the country. Even they (Taliban) did not shun violence in holy month of Ramadan, as in first day—18, mostly civilians were killed in a Taliban suicide car bombing in Khost province. The Islamic State (IS) terrorist—also known as Daesh militants are also making inroad in the country. Looking deeply into states-quo—once would simply acknowledge that overall situation is not running by the side of the government and in favor of Afghans. 
But, despite every uncertainty, the people of Afghanistan are very confidents on the strong wings of their Afghan security forces—the true son of this soil, who rendered huge sacrifices to safeguard their own people. We can rest conveniently and peacefully by night because of alertness of Afghan security forces. Surly, the Afghan security forces are our pride. We are truly thankful from both male and female Afghan security forces. They (security forces) have proved bitter taste for the Taliban and other militant groups, as a large number of militants were killed and wounded by the brave security forces. 
However, at the same time it is very much maddening to learn that duty negligence has led into killing of some Afghan security forces. The Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced it had sacked at least 24 officers over last months’ deadly attack by the Taliban against the 209 Shaheen Army Corps military base in northern Balkh province. At least 250 mostly unarmed soldiers were killed in the attack. In addition to that, another 65 soldiers have been wounded. This attack shocked the whole nation, and brought related security institution under question. Officials said that all those who were inside the base are under probe. They would be prosecuted once are found guilty. The government should take the issue seriously, and bring the neglectors to the book. The Afghan security forces are serving the country with pride—bearing this in mind, there is no room for any sort of disregard toward them.
Afghanistan Times, May 31, 2017

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