Stop Daesh from enlarging

Jun 19, 2017
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), but in Afghanistan is famous by its Arabic language acronym Daesh.  The group is widely known for its video of beheading civilians and military. The group is brutal in every front. They are engaged in destruction activity in Afghanistan in these years that killed and wounded a large number of civilians. 
The presence of Daesh is really a great hazard. Killing, abduction, suicide attack, beheading, and other evil action is their common practice—needs to be halted through any ways and means. To stop the group’s evil practice, the security forces have to lunch operation against the group nationwide, targeting them from air and ground. The brave Afghan security forces are already fighting the group, but the unfortunate point is that despite operation they (Daesh) are getting enlarge. 
The Afghan masses are deepest concern over increasing of Daesh fighters and its threat in eastern Nangarhar and some other provinces. Despite dropping of ‘Mother of All Bombs’ (MoAB) on the head of Daesh militants—they are increasing in Nangarhar instead to remove. It is irrational to say that MoAB was a good step in fight against Daesh. Biggest bombe used in Achin district to eliminate Daesh, at somehow government also said that Daesh is in the run, but these are baseless claims. Daesh is getting more and more powerful in Afghanistan. We should not ignore it. Still there is time to conduct a massive operation against the group, before it becomes cancer. 
At some stage, Daesh is trying to cut off Kabul-Jalalabad’s highway and that’s why it focusing on Nangarhar a lot. To do so, the Daesh captured Tora Bora after heavy clashes with the Taliban insurgents. They (Daesh) have seized a strategic area in Pachirawgam district of eastern Nangarhar province after fierce clashes with the Taliban rivals. Hundreds of families have been fled the area after it comes to the control of Daesh militants. It is an important place as al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden hided himself here after US kicked off its mission in 2001. 
Indeed, the militants have captured a very strategy area, and can be taken as another opportunity for the group to establish its shelter. The area has been covered by thick forests and caves that make a little difficult for the Afghan security forces to recapture it. But, there is no doubt on the capability of the Afghan security forces, and defiantly will bring Tora Bora back under control. The evil goal of the group is to use Tora Bora as its headquarters and threat other parts of the country from there. The government has to response immediately aimed at reducing Daesh fighters in several pieces in a bid to take control of the strategic area as soon as possible.
Afghanistan Times, June 19, 2017

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