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Taking Sides: The Real Choices Before Sri Lanka

Mar 21, 2017
Hafeel Farisz confuses what I have said about Gotabaya and Gunaratnam, both of whom are the most interesting figures I find in the Sri Lankan public arena today, because they come from two different streams of struggle of our conflicted contemporary history—two different civil wars.   
·       Farisz tries to impose on me a choice between Gotabaya and Gunaratnam.
·       The choice is between the Ranil-driven status quo and President Sirisena heading a recomposed coalition 
·       Putin has blood on his hands because he saved his country from Chechen terrorism
·       This country needs to be built up to its fullest potential. 
Farisz tries to impose on me a choice between Gotabaya and Gunaratnam. I do not consider it a choice, but a sequence of different stages of socio-historical evolution. I do not believe that any society can tackle all its major problems right away. I strongly feel that Sri Lanka has many tasks and challenges that need to be tackled at different stages.   
At no point did I say that I wished for “Gunaratnam’s ideas to triumph.” What I present is a three dimensional picture — (a) Sri Lanka’s present crisis and possible solutions, (b) Sri Lanka’s potential as a country, a State and (c) Sri Lanka’s potential as a society.   
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Daily Mirror, March 21, 2017 


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