Unity all the time

Jun 22, 2017
Having unity in all stage is the only way to get rid of current challenges in the country. There is need to understand the conspiracies of the external and internal enemies of peace and stability of Afghanistan that have been in villa to desterilize the so-called peace. 
Viewing the states-quo, the enemies in these days with inauspicious programs and deceits are making all out efforts to undermine the writ of the government, and most dangerous one to break the chain of unity among the Afghan masses. It is a crystal fact that this dream of the enemies would be dragged to grave, and they (enemies) have already failed in doing such evil acts.
The Afghans maintained unity all the time. It is not hyperbole because in the course of history, and in every ups and downs—unity among the Afghan people had and have been never come to standstill. We also kept unity in every tough situation. Surly, we would have unity at the future, and defiantly via unity we would conquer against the sworn enemies of the country. 
Nothing the current uncertainty, it is important for the Afghans to keep unity and take it as only weapon to reach the goal of peace. We are in dire need of unity. Can’t fight any sort of problems without this. It is a fact that united we would stand, and would fall if divided. We, the Afghans have never divide in the course of conflicts, rather in every age of variance, unity have been get deeper among us. The evil hands that since longtime have been up in disturbing unity among Afghans can be eliminated only by unity. Historically, it has been proved that Afghans stood against any interference in their internal affairs and suppressed every kind of malicious groups, fueling conspiracies against them. 
Despite several times failure, the enemies are making more efforts to divide the Afghans through carry out evil designs. At the same time, some regional players are also in this wickedness business. They are afraid of a stable Afghanistan. President Ashraf Ghani has recently said that insurgent groups will fail in their attempt to create a divide between Shia and Sunni Muslims in the country as they Afghan people remain united against terrorisms and extremism in every stage. 
I truly buy this statement of our president. Nothing can split us. When Kabul residents hit with back to back terrorist attacks that killed and wounded over 700, the Afghans from all over the country condoled with bereaved families. Likewise, if any heart-wrenching incidents take place in other parts of the country, the Kabul residents mourn the losses. In every harsh situation we behaved unitedly. Like that, this time we need unity more than ever. Our unity would be taken as a great slap in the face of the enemies of our peace and stability.
Afghanistan Times, June 22, 2017

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