We need more regional unity

Jun 9, 2017
Our region is coming under more threats and attacks carried out by different terrorist groups. Afghanistan as the main target of terrorism has been giving victims for long years. But the rest of the regional countries have not been safe either and terrorists carry out cowardly attacks on the peace-loving people. Iraq, Syria and Yemen are burning in the flames of terrorism and extremism for the past few years. The innocent people in Pakistan and India are also the victims of this phenomenon, while Russia has also been attacked by the enemies of peace, stability and humanism.
The Islamic Republic of Iran that is an example for safety and stability recently came under two attacks. A group of terrorists attacked the parliament building, while their comrades opened fire and blew themselves up outside the shrine of Imam Khomeini, the founder of Islamic Republic. At least 12 people were reported killed in Tuesday’s attacks and more than 40 injured.
These incidents teach us that our region is under a vast attack by terrorist groups. This is clear to all that terrorists recognize no boundaries, no ethnicities, no languages and no religions. Killing of helpless people, creating the atmosphere of terror, destroying infrastructures and superstructures of the countries are the only goal of these anti-human groups that are supported by some governments who seek their benefits in the destruction of others.
Our region needs more unity than any other time and the regional countries have to join hands in a real battle against terrorism. This is the time to uproot terrorism in our region if we want to enjoy a peaceful life for ourselves and leave a better future for the next generations.
Supporting terrorist groups to use against each other is a fatal mistake because it has no benefit for the supporter, but a dark future.
The main nests and training centers of terrorists as well as their financial sources should be closed for this purpose. The powers that think terrorist is in the villages of a poor country are 100 per cent wrong. They actually help for the empowering of terrorism under the pretext of fighting this phenomenon.
This should also be remembered that no stranger helps us in bringing peace and stability. They only seek their own interests. So, this is the people of the region who can eliminate terrorists in a real joint fight and bring stability back to the region.
Afghanistan Times, June 9, 2017

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