Why delay?

Aug 21, 2017
The US President Trump is looking nervous in finalizing US strategy on Afghanistan. After assuming office the aggressive Trump seems to be losing power of decision-making. The US strategy on Afghanistan is taking longtime in formulation. In this regard, the Pentagon Chief, the US National Security Adviser and a Congressional delegation made visits to Kabul where they held talks with the Afghan leadership and met US-led coalition forces. 
The main objective behind these visits was assessment of the situation in Afghanistan and to find out root causes of prolonging war on terror. The several rounds of discussion has followed by a meeting of high-ranking officials at Camp David—a place of important decisions where, as per tweet of the Trump they made decision regarding US new strategy for Afghanistan and the region, but details remains under wraps. White House says, an official announcement in this regard will be made shortly. 
There is certainly no good news for Islamabad as many US media outlets reporting that officials are speaking about Trump’s new policy which indicates sending nearly 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, while all military aid to Pakistan could also be suspended. We appreciate tough move against Pakistan. However, the delaying tactics and nervous position by the Washington has created unrest among the people of Afghanistan. Questioning all this is not above logic, because there is no valid reason for delaying war winning strategy on Afghanistan. 
All the more than 20 terrorist groups and their supporter states are known to all. Safe sanctuaries and breeding nurseries of terrorist outfits, existing in the hostile neighborhood of Afghanistan have been globally exposed. Not only Kabul and India, but the high-ranking official, institutions and writers of US and other Western countries have repeatedly pointed out the double game of Pakistan that aids and shelters more than 50 local and international terrorist groups for conducting cross-border terrorism and undermining US-led NATO war on terror. In May, the VP of EP has urged the US and EU to revisit Durand Line to end Pakistan’s terror policy. 
Besides all these, reluctance by the US and NATO member countries to be tougher on Pakistan is the root cause of prolonging war on terror in Afghanistan which results in failure of US mission and pose a direct threat to Washington and peaceful region. Time is not running with the slow flight and double standard of the US which needs to bring the terror sponsor states into the court of justice. Increase and decrease in level of troops is not issue for Afghans. Issue is the continuation and addition in civil and military aid to Kabul. The US must approve the four years development plan for strengthening Afghan security forces. A sufficient number of Black Hawk helicopters and latest jet fighters must be provided to tackle the menace of terrorism. Any wrong decision could lead to failure, but an effective strategy, dominated by Afghan perspective guarantees joint success.
Afghanistan Times, August 21, 2017

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