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Winds Of Political Populism Is Sweeping Across Sri Lanka

Jan 5, 2017

Is Sri Lanka ready to cash in on the trends created by the populist political tsunamis sweeping around the world? Tectonic shifts in voting patterns began to dominate democracies with the arrival of Le Penn in France (she sacked her father, the founder of the party for being too fanatical) is on the threshold of winning the next Presidential election. Triumph of Trump and the emergence of Brexit in Britain added a new dimension  to populism. Winds of change bring Syrias to power in Greece and Bernie Sanders surfaces in USA in a bid to halt Clinton rather than to beat Trump and witness the arrival of a gun totting hero in the Philippines  in the form of Rodrigo Duterte. 

Fresh winds are indeed blowing and would Sri Lanka with its inherent nationalistic trends, innate anti-elite tendencies and its integral hostility to the establishment, enjoy the full blast of this draught? Sri Lanka has it all, except the vital ingredient of leadership material to make the initial move.   
In Sri Lanka, contenders with character or background have not emerged to set a trail to catch the populist cross - currents. Delay is fatal: a sound showing at the local authority elections is a requisite for new contenders otherwise old elites will regain their lost space. Granting more time to hold local authority elections will give an opportunity for a new face to emerge much to the chagrin of the joint opposition. Government could backpeddle the evil day; being currently the obvious loser. That picture could shift.  

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Daily Mirror, January 5, 2017



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