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Will Xi sign up on Modi's SAGAR vision?
If India remains opposed to joining the OBOR and the Xi vision has accorded this macro-connectivity project  a high degree of centrality,  as part of realizing the China Dream, the under-currents of tension  and related political-military dissonance between Delhi and Beijing will be palpable over the next few years, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor
Entrepreneurship: Need to put women first
If Indian - and indeed South Asian - women entrepreneurs are indeed put first, they will dramatically accelerate their country's economic development in a manner that will benefit all, writes Frank F Islam for South Asia Monitor
Chabahar: A strategic game changer for India
Chabahar provides a strategic edge to India and is a certain game changer in India’s favour. However, the success of Indian ambitions in the region will depend to a large extent on a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, writes Brig Anil Gupta (retd.) for South Asia Monitor.

Operationalization of Chabahar...

Operationalization of the Chabahar port is considered a setback for Pakistan which, by denying In...


What Britain's defeat to India...

The changes in international cricket better reflect a changed world but the UN's power struct...


India-Singapore naval agreemen...

India and  Singapore  see China as a major bilateral partner and seek  to maintain...


Can Chabahar, India’s strategi...

India’s development of  Chabahar, just 70 km away from Pakistan’s Gwadar port, h...



More Pakistanis 'disappearing', says report Author Name More and more people are being picked up in Pakistan by security agencies "for reasons never disclosed", a ...

Recalling lessons of the 1971 India-Pakistan war Author Name The lessons of the Battle of Longewal are clear, writes Akshaya K Gupta ...

US policies toward India and Asia need strategic coherence

Posted:Nov, 12 2017

Author Name

President Donald J. Trump is on his first official trip to Asia, with stops in Japan, South Korea, China, and now Vietnam, for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) summit. In his address to the APEC CEO Summit, he outlined his stamp on Asia statecraft, which includes a vision of upholding a “free and open Indo-Pacific.” However, the United States cannot achieve that goal without strong Asian partnerships—including with India.


Ray of hope

  Nowadays good and encouraging economic and infrastructural news have once again made blue the foggy atmosphere of the country’s sky.

Militants & Military: Pakistan’s Unholy Alliance

Pakistan has largely escaped the ghastly destruction of the civil wars in the Middle East—despite its continuing struggle with homegrown Islamist extremism and terrorism.


Communists Sweep the Nepali Elections, a Blow to the Establishment Parties

You might as well imagine a large red flag fluttering from the summit of Mount Everest. That’s what the outcome of the parliamentary and provincial elections in Nepal suggests.

A terrorist is a terrorist

It goes without saying that Bangladeshis condemn the attack most fervently, and that Akayed’s actions do not reflect our collective attitude


Rajapaksas, yet to see the ‘Light’

  Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, spearheading the Eliya movement to defeat government efforts at creating a new constitution

How to make GST better: Centre taking right step in implementation, but corrective action needed

The goods & services tax (GST) was implemented with great fervour by the government to usher in an effective indirect tax regime—by mitigating the cascading effect of myriad indirect t...


Army to hold joint exercise with Maldives

A 14-day joint military exercise — Ekuverin — of Indian army and the Maldives National Defence Force will begin on Friday at Belgaum in Karnataka, a press communique issued by the So...

On our roads

Commuters in Thimphu, especially those boarding city buses from Chang?j?iji?, will now have updated information ?about arrival and departure? timing.


spotlight image Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has confirmed his presence for the occasion. In an exclusive interview with INDIA REVIEW & ANALYSIS, Indonesia’s Ambassador to India, Sidharto R.Suryodipuro, reminded Nilova Roy Chaudhury that the first Chief Guest for India’s Republic Day celebrations, in 1950, w
spotlight image   The youngest son of Prithviraj Kapoor (1906-1972), died in Mumbai a few days ago. His brothers Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor died earlier. Some of his nephews and nieces continue to be big names in Bollywood.
In a significant boost to New Delhi's Act East Policy, India and Japan set up the Act East Forum on Tuesday as agreed during Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to India this year for the annual bilateral meeting that would help to focus and catalyse development in India's Northeast.
During an awards ceremony honouring six serving and former diplomats and international civil servants for their contributions to world peace and development, the UN was hailed as an institution embodying the Diwali spirit of good overcoming evil. Among those who received the award was Assistant Secretary-General Lakshmi Puri, who is al
This week, the foreign ministers of Russia, India, and China met for their fifteenth ministerial trilateral meeting in New Delhi. Russia was represented by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, India by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, and China by Foreign Minister Wang Yi. In a lengthy joint statement released after the meeting, the
The first thing that one sees when a flight approaches New Delhi is thick smog that envelopes the city and its lack of greenery.  In almost all other major cities of India lack of greenery is the most obvious sight that one sees when approaching it by air.

Pakistan has agreed to allow the rupee to depreciate after holding talks with the International Mone­tary Fund (IMF) on the country's economy.


Two major global changes in the past year; the ‘Brexit’ referendum and the advent of Donald Trump, writes Sandeep Kaur Bhatia


It is also imperative for India to explore other regions for markets. Its trade deficit with Latin America has been narrowing. Also, its trade with Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala has increased, ...


Title: A Ticket to Syria; Author: Shirish Thorat; Publisher: Bloomsbury India: Pages: 254; Price: Rs 399


Gorichen, a majestic peak in the Eastern Himalayas at an altitude of 22,500 feet, is the highest in Arunachal Pradesh. Beautiful to look at and providing a fantastic view from the top, it is extremely tough climb for mountaineers.


It is often conjectured if the reason for long-standing conflicts and insurgencies, in the developing world, especially South Asia, is not only other powers fishing in troubled waters but also the keenness of arms industries, mostly Western, to...


Title: The People Next Door -The Curious History of India-Pakistan Relations; Author: T.C.A. Raghavan; Publisher: HarperCollins ; Pages: 361; Price: Rs 699


Could the North Korean nuclear issue which is giving the world an anxious time due to presence of hotheads on each side, the invasion of Iraq and its toxic fallout, and above all, the arms race in the teeming but impoverished South Asian subcon...