COVID 19: South Asian nations must take care of refugees, or we all are vulnerable

The Rohingya refugees staying inside and outside camps in Bangladesh and India are worth mentioning in the South Asian context. Their already slum-like dwellings, lack of fresh water and sanitation, densely-crowded living conditions and hunger puts them in a more perilous situation, writes Sariful Islam for South Asia Monitor


The final frontier: Women in combat roles must become the new normal

In the Indian context, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy have granted a permanent commission to women officers even as both have opened up some combat roles for women, write Subhranil Ghosh & Sayantan Bandyopadhyay for South Asia Monitor


Why Modi broke ranks from his nationalist 'friends' abroad

While Trump and Bolsonaro are worried about the virus' impact on their nation's markets, economies and, by extension, their political future, Modi was open enough to admit that the pandemic would have economic costs, but saving lives was more important for him and his government, writes Tarun Basu for South Asia Monitor


Rajapaksa’s Redux: Jingoism 1, Justice 0

The return of a Rajapaksa to the island’s highest office coincides with a potent form of majoritarianism in Sri Lanka, driven simultaneously by jingoism and fear among the electorate, writes Arman Sidhu for South Asia Monitor


Covid-19: Around 50 doctors, medics test positive in India

In India, around 50 doctors and medical staff have tested positive for coronovirus (Covid-19), raising the eyebrows of the Union Health Ministry, sources said on Friday


Coronavirus pandemic to render 18.5 mn jobless in Pakistan

The Pakistan government has estimated that 12.3 million to 18.5 million people in the country will lose their jobs and the economy will sustain massive losses in just three months due to "moderate…


2,500 Bangladeshis stranded in India amid coronavirus lockdown

Around 2,500 Bangladeshis have been stranded in India due to travel bans imposed along with a lockdown to stem the coronavirus infection


Sri Lanka aims for coronavirus infections below 500c

Sri Lanka is aiming to keep coronavirus infections below 500 in April with restrictions on the movement of people and brining in wider testing of high risk groups and the wider population, a…


Industries allowed to resume in Nepal with residential workers

The Nepalese government has decided to allow the resumption of operations of industrial establishments manufacturing essential products if they met certain conditions


Bhutan announces COVID-19 socio-economic impact survey

The Bhutanese government has announced they will start a survey to assess and to understand the socio-economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly on the vulnerable groups, in the…


Afghan government, Taliban prisoners swap postponed again

Exchange of prisoners between the Afghan government and Taliban militants has been postponed for the third time, local media said in a report


Maldives budget deficit projected to increase

Maldivian Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer has said the government now projected the budget deficit to increase to MVR 12 billion in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic


Saarc backs Pakistan proposal for health ministers’ video conference

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Saarc) secretary general Esala Ruwan Weerakoon on Thursday backed Pakistan’s proposal for a video conference of the health ministers of the eight-…


IIT-R develops low-cost portable ventilator

The Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee(IIT-R) recently hit headlines after a team of researchers at the institute developed a low-cost portable ventilator that might prove useful for the…


UN Human rights chief criticises India's quarantine measures

While India is fighting to stop the spread of Covid-19, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michele Bachelet, on Thursday criticised the quarantine measures put in place in the country, saying…


COVID-19: China should not be allowed to lift lockdown in hotspots

It is now recognized all over the world that COVID-19 originated from the Wuhan region in China and China did not forewarn the world at the right time about what is now known as the China virus…


We will win, surely

Invisible virus, invading all over, at the speed of light,


Soleimani killing will lead to reprisal, increase chances of regional conflict: Dilip Hiro

After the targeted killing of Major General Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force by the US, the Persian Gulf nation is not going to sit silent…

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