Koel dear, sing us a song of hope

O’ Koel why do you sing today?

Rashmi Saksena Mar 26, 2020

O’ Koel why do you sing today?
Songs of which universe do you bring today?
My world is in the grip of danger night and day
Under the shadow of death is every moment of the day.
This is just why I am in singing overdrive
To reiterate the reasons to fight and strive
In this Creation both you and I must stay alive
So I pray in song for us both to long survive.
My songs are of hope and gusto
Of the seven colours of the rainbow
The gift of love I have received, and the many milestones yet to be reached
Are reason enough for life to move ahead, not by any scourge breached.
Mine is not a plaintive song
But is a heady call to comrades all
To delve into your hidden reservoir of resolve
And meet the challenge of danger and peril all.
So Koel dear, just continue to sing for us all
Songs heralding the coming of a new dawn.

(The author of this poem is a veteran Indian journalist based in New Delhi. She can be contacted at rsaksena8@gmail.com)


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