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Breaking news of Osama raid to Pakistan was easier than thought, says Obama in memoir

Barack Obama has claimed in his memoirs that breaking the news to Pakistan of a US raid into Abbottabad to kill Osama bin Laden was easier than he had expected as the then president Asif Ali Zardari understood the US position

India has 'all-too-pervasive' violence, yawning disparity, unifying 'hostility' against Pakistan: Obama in his book

Former United States President Barack Obama appears to have reinforced the West's worst stereotypical picture of India as a country with “all-too-pervasive” violence and politics revolving around “around religion, clan, and caste” in his latest memoir

India's seminal Right to Information law is used extensively, despite efforts to impede it, says book

Despite attempts to dilute the Right To Information Act (RTIA) the most recent being in 2019, the stronger it got as more and more citizens invoked it

Lockdown-inspired Sudha Murty relives her childhood with 'Grandparents' Bag of Stories'

A prolific author and philanthropist, Sudha Murty is quite content at often being addressed as "Mrs Narayana Murthy", as she presides over the Rs 400 crore Infosys Foundation that works among the less privileged sections of society and practices what she preaches -- that "money alone does not bring satisfaction" and that "satisfaction comes from the heart"

Rahul Gandhi lacks aptitude or passion, Barack Obama in 'A Promised Land'

Former US president Barack Obama's new book 'A Promised Land' lands a sharp left hook on Rahul Gandhi's "nervous, unformed quality" while directing warm, not-so-political praise at Rahul's mother Sonia Gandhi, according to a book review Thursday in the New York Times

Top doctors author book on India's fight against Covid

"Till We Win" -- a definitive account of India's fight against Covid-19, how to cope with the pandemic in the days to come and dealing with essential questions like how long will wearing masks be necessary and whether at all a permanent cure is possible -- co-authored by AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) Director Randeep Guleria is expected to be released later this month, its publisher, Penguin Random House, said on Monday

Was Rajiv Gandhi a victim of foreign intelligence agencies?

Was Rajiv Gandhi the victim of "international intelligence agencies" in "what was to become" of him after the 1991 general elections that were likely to see him return to power after being unceremoniously voted out two years previously?

Islam is more than ritualism; Quran teaches reasoning and logic, says new book

Islam is not confined to ritualistic prayers and appearances. A scientific study will unveil what is elaborated in the Quran and what is binding on all those who claim to be Muslims

A fascinating account of how eight prime ministers shaped India's foreign policy

India’s World: How Prime Ministers Shaped Foreign Policy is a fascinating historical and political narrative of how eight prime ministers of India have shaped our foreign policy

Is India missing the wood for the trees on China?

A homily uttered over a century ago - "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" by American philosopher George Santayana seems to ring true even today in the face of a prolonged stand-off with China on the northern borders

Indian Ocean: A new theatre of geopolitical rivalry?

Its an ocean as vast as the sub-continent whose name it bears, encompassing Asia to the north, Australia to the east and Africa to the west

Autobiography of a down-to-earth diplomat

A Ringside Seat to History: An Autobiography is published by Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd. Price Rs. 800.

India a Civilisational State 're-architecting the Republic'

India is a Civilisational State engaged in a "grand undertaking to re-architect" the Republic

R&AW spies suspected CIA role in Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's murder, says new book

The book, "RAW: A History of India's Covert Operations," has been released recently by Westland Publications

ISI afflicted by same bungling and corruption as rest of Pakistan, says new book

The book called, "The Nine Lives of Pakistan", has been authored by Declan Walsh, the Cairo bureau chief of the New York Times


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