India's hyper-nationalist narratives helped Pakistan Army stay relevant

The warmongering narrative, primarily driven by the ruling party and the media at large, may fetch some electoral gains to the BJP  but it has proved to be welcome fodder for the Army in Pakistan as it tries to reinvent itself to remain relevant, writes Mayank Mishra for South Asia Monitor

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The radicalization of Pakistan has blurred state and non-state lines

Zia-ul-Haq institutionalized radicalization in Pakistan, assiduously preparing the whole population, particularly youth, for jihad, writes P. C. Katoch for South Asia Monitor    

China's protection of terrorist Masood Azhar ensures peace for its CPEC

China has a clear strategic vision and its intent and policy are in complete sync with its global interests. It is clear that China is using its diplomatic lever to act against India's interests, as Pakistan has requested, in pursuance of their joint strategic objectives, writes Brig Anil Gupta (retd.) for South Asia Monitor

Why South Korea matters to India

An admirer of South Korea, PM Modi has always believed that "for India's growth, Korea's model is probably the most exemplary, and that Korea's progress is a source of inspiration for India", writes Amb. Vishnu Prakash (retd.) for South Asia Monitor 

Battle for India: An election like no other

With a lot at stake and invectives flying both ways in what is likely to be a no-holds-barred 17th general election from April 11 to May 23, the Indian voter, and the India watcher, is likely be treated to some rivetting, and some unsavoury, political theatre in the coming weeks, writes Tarun Basu for South Asia Monitor

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