State elections in India: Bellwether for 2019?
By Amulya Ganguli

The importance of the “semi-finals” lies, therefore, in the distinct possibility of t...

India’s higher education challenge: An opportunity for Australia
By Amb. Amit Dasgupta (retd)

With almost half its population under 25 years of age, India’s needs to dramatically increa...

Why Bangladesh's female labour force shuns the hijab
By Rahad Abir

For the first time in Bangladesh’s history, women have become a massive work force driving ...

The complicated India-Pakistan dynamic : Can it build on the Kartarpur hope ?
By C Uday Bhaskar

Even if  Kartarpur  remains a stand-alone religious initiative, this visit  marks&...

Trump effect will be a lasting one: Suhasini Haidar

US President Donald Trump has been rewriting the rules of domestic and international politics ever since he assumed office. In an environment of increasing uncertainty, the world over, Suhasini Haidar, Diplomatic Affairs Editor, The Hindu spoke at length about the Trump Effect and the challenges and opportunities for Asia. Sh


India's farmers rise against mounting rural distress By Lekshmi Parameswaran

Months after Kisan’s Long March in Maharashtra that took the country by storm, yet another march reached the capital.

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After Maldives, Poland seeks to send a climate-change message

As if to broadcast  the ‘reality-show’ and to make green movement extremely anxious, many of the events in the margins of COP24 are financed by the coal-mining companies.  


Indian government appoints new Chief Economic Advisor

The Indian government has appointed Krishnamurthy Subramanian as its new Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) in place of Arvind Subramanian, who left the post in July this year.