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Bangladesh facing an increasingly violent Islamist ecosystem

Hasina, now basking in the glory of having led Bangladesh to phenomenal economic and human development progress in the golden decade of development, has her task cut out, writes Subir Bhaumik for South Asia Monitor

Modi visit: Bangladeshi radicals cant derail the dynamism of growing India-Bangladesh ties

Regardless of the fundamentalist rhetoric on both sides of the border, the governments of Modi and Hasina are focused on improving connectivity, trade, and people-to-people relations, writes Subir Bhaumik for South Asia Monitor

Return of jackboots in Myanmar: Major implications for region

The army is upset with the NLD government for agreeing to take back from Bangladesh the Rohingya Muslim refugees in phases after a Chinese-mediated dialogue. Nearly 40,000 Rohingyas are expected to return in the first phase, writes Subir Bhaumik for South Asia Monitor

Bangladesh within its rights in relocating Rohingyas

It is the height of hypocrisy if the global community led by the West lets Myanmar off the hook  and instead pressurises poor Bangladesh to not only shelter more than a million people in the overcrowded country but even dictate locations for settling them, writes Subir Bhaumik for South Asia Monitor

Islamists pose a challenge to Bangladesh's secularism

Conceding to the Islamist demand for stopping the installation of the Mujib statue at Dholaipar will be a huge political defeat for the Awami League, especially during the birth centenary of the founding father and a year before the Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh's independence, writes Subir Bhaumik for South Asia Monitor

India needs to play a bigger role in resolving Rohingya issue

Shringla also assured Myanmar of India’s support for the safe repatriation of displaced Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh. About 40,000 or more Rohingya live in Indian cities, including Kolkata and Delhi, so India has its own reasons to push for a solution to the Rohingya problem, writes Subir Bhaumik for South Asia Monitor

Bangladesh PM Hasina as South Asia's peacemaker?

Hasina has some of the finest diplomats and public faces to handle the initial take-off of a South Asian peace process, if she were to push it, though much depends on how India and Pakistan respond, writes Subir Bhaumik for South Asia Monitor

India needs to watch out for Pakistan's diabolical moves to stir conflict

Pakistan's only real option is to provoke large scale communal conflict simultaneously in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Kashmir, which can spread to other regions. That can be blamed on the ruling dispensation's 'anti-Muslim' policies, against which many voices have been raised in India, writes Subir Bhaumik for…


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