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Pandemic severely impacts SDG 12 targets; Asia-Pacific region unlikely to meet goals

‘Ensure sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns’ – is Sustainable Development Goal 12

A Day to Remember at the Greens

There was electricity all around

A teacher and an educator: An IITian's tribute

I was nervously waiting outside Prof N.R Kamath’s room in IIT Bombay’s Chemical Engineering Department

Swinging His Way to 600: James Michael Anderson

Bold headlines, “ Anderson Claims 600th Test Scalps”, made me sit up. Why, may you well ask? Well, I have ten years of experience of having played Ranji Trophy cricket matches in India as an opening bowler, representing the Services in the North Zone, which comprised teams from the Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab and Delhi

IIT, IIM & IAS: How relevant are they today?

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) were started with much fanfare and great expectations in the 1950s

Forgetting to Live the Sands of Time

See the carafe its wares pour with a bow

Rethinking recruitment: Time to understand inclusion and diversity at work

The world is changing at a fast pace. The term - the world is a global village - has become a common phenomenon

Bangladesh-India relations: Media should bridge communication gap

Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla came to Dhaka last week on a brief visit to Bangladesh aimed at boosting ties between the two neighbouring countries

Rapacious Man Versus God

Technology’s making the world shrink

Where Has innocence Gone

There is no ocean of abundance

Needed a non-intimidating questioning culture in India

Emanating from curiosity, quest, or doubt, questioning had always been a part of our rich ancient intellectual, theological and philosophical traditions

When we prostrated and did not stand tall

“When asked to bend some chose to crawl”

How sustainability in South Asia boils down to the art of choosing the lesser of two evils

When the then Indian railway minister Laloo Prasad Yadav introduced kulhads, or traditional earthen cups, as a substitute to phase out the nonbiodegradable plastic cups, some environmentalists were quick to point out that given the scale of demand, production of disposable kulhads would lead to consumption of the fertile topsoil, taking over a decade to fully decompose and replenish the soil

Stricter surveillance required on global militant activities online

It has been revealed in the media that ISIS leaders have gone online due to COVID-19 and has published a new cybersecurity magazine to teach tactics, without coming into the radar of the intelligence agencies, on how to carry out their activities

Living with nature, not on nature, should be foundational roadmap for India

After being ruled by foreign powers for centuries, 73 years after independence appear to be not very long. But in such a relatively short time, we have walked with strides by being loyal to our own constitution