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Lost in the mist of Time

In the dark abyss of the night

Mental health, suicide prevention needs greater attention during pandemic: WHO

With the COVID-19 pandemic still accelerating and impacting people in multiple ways, the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Thursday called upon countries in the South-East Asia region to pay greater attention to mental health and suicide prevention

Lapdog TV journalism scripting a disgraceful chapter in India's media history

A coinage about the Indian media that has gained currency in recent years is 'godi' media, which roughly translates into lapdog journalism

India needs to go beyond police reforms; custodial killings show a broken criminal justice system: CHRI

The murderous police assault, unending beatings and brutal torture which caused the death of two innocent traders, a father and son, in the city of Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu, is an acute demonstration of a broken criminal justice system and failure to effectively uphold legal protection against police abuse

How to boost your immune system to fight COVID-19

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the outbreak of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) as the cause of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), a global pandemic which is ravaging the world

Lest we forget the supreme sacrifice of our armed forces

The COVID-19 lockdown ruminations continue even as news comes in about the Indian military contingent in Moscow at the World War II 75th anniversary Victory Day parade

To have an equitable post-COVID world, address structural inequality among nations

It is clear that COVID-19 has extirpated the global economy, which is based on feeble footings and fallacious credit booms and has brought to light its inherent vulnerabilities and limitations

The General Staff and the learning of military wives

The COVID-19 lockdown ruminations continue. Lounging around one lockdown day, I got to wondering about this brilliant idea of the General Staff, of getting down to training all army and, by extension, all defence forces' wives

What ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement means for India and South Asia

The institutional murder of George Floyd achieved what even a global pandemic could not -  it created a furor against systemic inequalities in the United States that regularly devalues the lives of the marginalized

Live in the present

How green was my valley;

Welcome to India, a speed breaker country!

Have you ever seen an Indian walk? They walk with a peculiar jerk (not insinuating anything but merely describing our gait) which is unusual, but unique to each region

A prayer for forgiveness

As I look up at the sky

No matter, if we're Black or White

Why am I White not Yellow, Brown or Black

Indian Navy undertakes ecological conservation programmes

On World Environment Day, June 5, 2020, the Indian Navy announced how it has maintained a steadfast focus on a sustainable future while integrating energy efficiency and environment conservation within its operational and strategic roles


If love of Self is, indeed, supreme

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Hilsa glut in Barishal

With the doom and gloom surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic slowly subsiding, the west bank of Barishal's Kirtankhola river in Bangladesh has started to see increased activity