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That Nebulous Search

When I hear my heart sing

Need independent institutions in India to strengthen democracy

India as a nation looks divided. We have serious problems relating to health, defence, and the economy of the nation. Unity is needed to meet all these challenges

Is education a commodity in India?

Youth are crucial for the success of any country. They are the catalysts for change

Food For Thought

The arrow that without feathers, flies

An Ode to the River Ganges

Along your banks, O Revered Mother

Lessons to be learned from 2020 COVID crisis

The year 2020 gone by has been one of the most horrible years in our living memory

A Strange New Year

To kill time or fill time

Recalling epic tank battles of 1965 war: When Pakistan Army began avoiding Indian Army tanks

The two intense tank battles of the 1965 Indo-Pak war, matching those in World War II, fought at Phillora (Punjab, Pakistan) by Hodson’s Horse (4 Horse) and Poona Horse (17 Horse), and at Asal Uttar (Punjab, India) fought by 3 Cavalry, 8 Cavalry, Deccan Horse (9 Horse) and Scinde Horse (14 Horse debilitated Pakistan’s armour and depressed it men’s morale

If wishes were horses, may you have them all

Time to go, Adios, Goodbye

Does India have the doses to fulfil Phase-1 Covid vaccine goals?

Given that India has set the goal of vaccinating 30 crore/300 million people with COVID-19 jabs by July, can the country procure enough doses to fulfil that goal? To vaccinate 30 crore/300 million people, the country will need 60 crore/ 600 million doses as the two vaccines that are leading the race to get the approval from the government requires two-doses per person for protection

Goodbye 2020, welcome 2021: A more mature outlook on life and its purpose will emerge

It is reported that in a normal year, around 55 million people die in the world. It is now reported that in the year 2020 around 1.8 million people have died in the world due to COVID 19 alone

Wonder, Wonder, Wondering

Things not always cast in iron

Exiled Baloch activist's death a turning point in Balochistan's struggle?

The mysterious death of exiled Baloch activist Karima Baloch, believed to be a case of murder by many, has not only triggered a week of protests from Toronto to Dhaka but also fueled the Baloch freedom movement at ground zero

Farwell 2020, an awful year for Indian journalists

Devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic since early this year, the robust Indian media fraternity is set to bid farewell to 2020 with a heavy heart as many lost their lives due to COVID or were targeted and killed

"I made a mistake": 'Confessions' of a Kashmiri-footballer-turned-militant

A footballer-turned-militant from Sopore, in Jammu and Kashmir regretted joining terrorist ranks, according to his last conversation which went viral before he was killed by the Indian security forces in a gunfight last week


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