Politician-police-criminal nexus makes governance challenging in India

The implementation of apex court-suggested police reforms including creation of state level security commission is required immediately to break politicians-police-criminal nexus that has created a crisis of governance in India.

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When the Bell Tolls, Tidy Up

Wise, the one who tidies up

The Quest For Conquest

Eternal is the thirst within us

There is a Time for all Things, Pre-ordained

Some, beyond our Reason and our Rhyme

India stakes: Uttar Pradesh will be a challenge for BJP next year

Outcome of the ongoing electoral battle in Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu along with the Union Territory of Puducherry on May 2 will end the national suspense in India, paving the way for the next round of electoral battle next year in two of the Hindi heartland states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand that elect 85 MPs to the Lok Sabha and they combined have a population of nearly 240 million, over a fourth of India's population

Invictus, is in the Spirit alone

Why does sweetness in sadness lie

Am I The Master of My Fate?

Am I the Master of my Fate

India and Pakistan: Can they ever shed the 'enemy' tag?

Over the course of the past one month, there has been a series of overtures between India and Pakistan which are being construed as steps towards re-establishing a semblance of peace between the two countries

India's 'love jihad’ laws: Are they constitutionally valid?

‘Love jihad’ as a term itself is an oxymoron


A gallery of words and meanings

Should India revise its electoral system to give voters right to reject?

An interesting case has been filed in the Supreme Court (SC) of India

Statement by Indian External Affairs Minister at the 17th BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting

At the outset, I congratulate Your Excellency Mr. Dinesh Gunawardena on your election as Chairperson of today's Meeting

Will CPEC add to Pakistan's growing challenges?

Political stability is the necessary ingredient for every country for weaving societal Integration. It is a prerequisite condition for economic development and establishing the supremacy of the law in the state

On the Road to Nowhere

Don’t play with Trees

Statement by India's External Affairs Minister at the 9th Ministerial Conference of Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process (HoA-IP) on Afghanistan in Dushanbe

We meet at a momentous time, not just for the people of Afghanistan but also for our wider region

Citizens’ Appeal for of Myanmar’s People against Repression by the Military: Demand for Government of Nepal to Act

We undersigned citizens of Nepal are proud of the Myanmar people’s valorous stand for democracy, appalled by the murderous suppression by the Tatmadaw military, and distressed by the lack of adequate response from the governments of South Asia and globally



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