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Mir Areiba's poems on Kashmir strike a sensitive chord

She is just 19 but carries a sensitive heart reciprocating to all that is happening around her through verses

Shyam Benegal's biopic 'Bangabandhu' to immortalise Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, bolster ties

The 50th year of Independence is special for Bangladesh as lakhs of Bengalis died fighting for the cause of freedom. It is equally important for India as it played a pivotal role in helping them to overthrow the tyrannical rule of West Pakistan

India's campaign for gender parity: The riveting history of women's empowerment in India

While celebrating International Women's Day, it is worth pondering over India's historic contribution in pioneering women's empowerment that has its beginnings in the early 19th Century

Can Uttarakhand afford big dams?

The latest tragedy in Uttarakhand resulting in around 170 people missing definitely requires introspection on the development of the hill State



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