Cmde C Uday Bhaskar (retd)

Cmde C Uday Bhaskar (retd)

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The author is Director, Society for Policy Studies

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Rafale induction and the make-believe brigade: India should focus on hard techno-military realities

The Ambala media extravaganza ought to encourage an internal review by the Modi government about strategic communication and related signalling in matters military. Carry a big stick but talk softly is an adage that has not lost its relevance, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

India-US naval exercises: Can symbolism translate into powerplay?

Despite the US raising the ante with China over South China Sea and prioritizing freedom of the oceans, New Delhi remains wary of entering into a formal alliance with Washington, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

Shift focus to the maritime domain

Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s speech in Ladakh on July 3, where he addressed Indian Army personnel and commended them for their professionalism and valour, even while asserting that the “era of expansionism is over”, marks the beginning of a definitive reset in the troubled but the, up to now, violence-free India-China relationship

P V Narasimha Rao: A resolute reformer that India chose to forget

Rao qualifies in more ways than one to be conferred with the nation's highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna, which has  become a political reward in recent years, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

Modi @ 6: Popular and committed but is there a need to review statecraft?

Modi may not be getting the kind of feedback and reality check that is vital for effective and empathetic governance and this is where, apart from Chanakya, the Canute principle acquires relevance, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

Aurangabad tragedy a scar on the Indian consciousness: Migrant workers need more State empathy

The 2011 census had revealed that India has as many as 453 million internal migrants and this includes both inter-state migrants and those within each state.  Absent credible national data for the last few years, some studies have suggested that this figure may now be in excess of 600 million, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia…

Policy priorities: rice for ethanol or hungry stomachs?

This abundant food-in-the-granary exigency will unfold even as a large number of Indians are grappling with hunger pangs and are  stuck in varying degrees of deprivation, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

India could be staring at a human security catastrophe

India has about 450 million workers in the informal sector and about a third of them are in the migrant cluster. Even if it is estimated that half of this workforce is grappling with hunger, the numbers are mind-boggling, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

The pain of the migrant worker: State must not be selective in concern for Indian citizen

Saturday (March 28) marked the fourth day since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day national lockdown that has had huge disruptive consequences across the country and differently affected the lives of more than a billion people

SAARC: Covid cooperation should include Iran

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to be commended for taking the initiative in enabling a cyber SAARC summit on Sunday (March 15) to deal with the growing COVID 19 challenge. Leaders of all the SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries, barring Pakistan, which was represented by an official,  were linked through video and…

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