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Islam is more than ritualism; Quran teaches reasoning and logic, says new book

Islam is not confined to ritualistic prayers and appearances. A scientific study will unveil what is elaborated in the Quran and what is binding on all those who claim to be Muslims

Is India missing the wood for the trees on China?

A homily uttered over a century ago - "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" by American philosopher George Santayana seems to ring true even today in the face of a prolonged stand-off with China on the northern borders

Indian Ocean: A new theatre of geopolitical rivalry?

Its an ocean as vast as the sub-continent whose name it bears, encompassing Asia to the north, Australia to the east and Africa to the west

India a Civilisational State 're-architecting the Republic'

India is a Civilisational State engaged in a "grand undertaking to re-architect" the Republic